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ENGL 3663 Syllabus

University of ArkansasFort Smith

Course Title ENGLISH GRAMMAR                         

Course Code    ENGL        3663                                                         Credit Hours        3  
                        Prefix        Number                                                      Lecture Hours      3  
                                                                                                            Lab Hours            0  
                                                                                                            Contact Hours      3_    

Instructor: Kelly Jennings
Office: Vines 139
Phone: 788-7907

Office Hours:   TR 8:00-11:00; Thurs: 2:00-5:00; Or by appointment

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I have created a blog for the class: the address is http://drdelagargrammar.blogspot.com/

The notes for the class will be posted here, so you’ll want to find it and bookmark it! If you have trouble finding it, email me or come by my office.

Required Text:           ENGL 3663: English Grammar
                                    Author: Thomas P. Klammer
                                    Title: Analyzing English Grammar
                                    Publisher: Pearson
                                    Edition: 7th
                                    ISBN-13: 978-0205252527
I.  Course Information:

A.     Catalog Description English Grammar will teach students the rules of English grammar. At the end of the semester, students will be able to identify every part of speech; to recognize and correct errors in their own writing or in the writing of others; and to understand why any error is an error. 

B.     Methods: Lecture, class participation, and small group work.  Some out-of-class, independent research will also be required.

II. Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1.      Parse an English sentence, no matter how complex
2.      Recognize and correct errors in English grammar
3.      Understand the causes of those errors
4.      Edit English prose
5.      Describe with some competence the basic principals of linguistic theory

III. University Learning Outcomes:
English Grammar enhances student abilities in the following general education areas:

Analytical skills: A major part of the course is learning to analyze English sentence structure, evaluating the relation of each word to every other word, drawing conclusions about error or lack of error.
Communication Skills: Students will learn to use language; Students will write a paper in this class, exploring some grammatical or linguistic problem or some linguistic theory or issue. 

III. Major Course Topics:

A.     Subjects and Verbs
B.     Basic Sentence Patterns
C.     Modifiers & Verbals
D.     Compounds
E.      Appositives & Phrases
F.      Don’t Dangle That! Problems With Grammar
G.  Transformational grammar: How X Becomes Z, or What Did I Just Say?
H.  Semiotics, or How Do I Mean? Language Theory

IV. Course Requirements
Your grade in this class will be based on:
(1)   Daily quizzes, given over each day’s reading/homework assignment, which, along with daily homework assignments, will be worth 25% of your grade. Quizzes will be open notes.  You won’t be able to make them up – that is, you will have to be in class to take them, and I won’t let you make them up if you miss class; but I will drop the lowest two.
(2)   Three exams, which will be worth a total of 75% of your grade.

Grading Scale: A: 100-90; B: 89.9-80; C: 79.9-70; D: 69.9-60; F: 59.9 and below

Attendance: I require you to attend class regularly.  Note that regularly means you miss no more than three classes.  After you have missed three classes, for whatever reason, your final average will be dropped 3 points for every absence. Conversely, anyone who had perfect attendance will receive a 5 point bonus at the end of the semester, added directly to his or her final average.

I just have to take this one call…

I know we all have lives, and important events sometimes happen during class time.  If that’s the case, put your phone on vibrate and sit near the door.  Needless to say, this should only happen for true dire emergencies, like when babies are due or when you are waiting for a kidney to be found for your brother.  The guy coming to connect your cable is not a true emergency.   

What about my Laptop?  My iPad?  My e-Dictionary?

You can use anything you want that helps you take notes or work during class, so long as it isn’t disrupting your classmates’ ability to get their work done.  However, please mute all audio before you come into class, or as soon as you notice you’ve forgotten to do so.  And, of course, none of these devices can be used during quizzes.  That’s cheating, and grounds for automatic failure of the class. 

Americans with Disabilities Act

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), UA Fort Smith seeks to provide reasonable accommodations and services to students who have documented exceptionalities.  Students who believe they are eligible to declare a disability for the purpose of requesting and receiving accommodations must submit all required documentation of their disability to Roger Young, ADA Coordinator, for validation.  Mr. Young will develop an individualized plan for reasonable accommodation in learning and testing for all students qualifying for accommodation.  Mr. Young can be reached at 479-788-7577.


According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, you have certain rights with respect to your educational records, including the right to inspect your own educational records, to request an amendment if you believe them to be in error, and the right to consent to disclosure of your records (with certain exceptions).  Please refer to the UA-Fort Smith catalogue for more information.


The Gordon E. Kelley Academic Success Center (ASC) provides programs designed to meet individual student needs not met through the general curriculum.  Currently, the ASC is located in Room 202 of the Vines Building.  Students may contact ASC staff at (479) 788-7675.


Students who have questions or concerns about their grades, the course, or an assignment are encouraged to see their instructor as soon as possible.  If not satisfied with that discussion, students may see the Chair of the department (if there is an acting Chair).  If not satisfied with that discussion, students may see the appropriate Dean.  If not satisfied with that discussion—or to dispute an official course grade, students should contact the Academic Integrity Committee.


The instructor reserves the right to make changes in the syllabus and/or schedule when necessary to meet learning objectives, to compensate for missed classes, or for similar reasons.

Other Questions?   If you have them, ask them!  I love email, so feel free to email me, or to come on by the office.

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