Tuesday, March 28, 2017

ENGL 3663: Study Sheet Test Two

ENGL 3663 UA – Fort Smith                                                            Spring 2017 / Jennings
Study Sheet for Test 2 (Through Page 294)
Test 2 will be held on TUESDAY APRIL 11

I.  Identifying: Be able to identify words by form or class, and to identify the function of all these words when you see them in an English sentence.

Form class words:      
Nouns: proper nouns, common nouns, count nouns, non-count nouns, and collective nouns
Verbs: active and passive
            The four basic verb types: transitive, intransitive, be-verbs, and linking verbs
Structure class words:
Determiners: articles, demonstratives, indefinites, numbers, quantifiers
Auxiliaries: modals, have, be, do
Pronouns: Person, reflexive, reciprocal, indefinite
Verb particles
Conjunctions: Coordinating, Subordinating, conjunctive adverbs
Relatives: relative pronouns, relative adverbs, and their antecedents
            Be able to identify relative clauses in sentences

Noun phrases
Main verb phrases
            Verb phrases
Adjective phrases
Adverb phrases

The five basic sentence types

II. Diagramming: Be able to draw Reed-Kellogg diagrams and phase structure trees for the five basic sentence types.

III. Basic Sentence Transformations: Understand, recognize, and be able to carry out sentence transformations for indirect object sentences, the passive construction, negative sentences, and interrogative sentences.

IV. Usage: Know how to recognize and correct these common errors:

Unclear pronoun reference (AKA no clear antecedent)
Pronoun agreement error
Using the wrong case of the pronoun
Run-on sentence (AKA comma splice or fused sentence)
Its/it’s confusion and other troubles with apostrophes
Use of the adverb instead of the adjective in Type III sentences (i.e. That music sounded beautifully!)
Double negatives
Avoiding “hypercorrections” – correcting things that aren’t wrong (who/whom, ending sentences with prepositions, passives/actives, may/can, and so on.)

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