Thursday, February 16, 2017

Study Sheet for Test One

I. Defining: Be able to define these terms, with examples if possible:

Standard English Grammar
Prescriptive v. Descriptive grammar
Form v. function

Semantic content
Form class words
Structure class words

 II. Identifying: Be able to identify words by form or class, and to identify the function of all these words when you see them in an English sentence.

Form class words:      
Nouns: proper nouns, common nouns, count nouns, non-count nouns, and collective nouns
Verbs: active and passive
Structure class words:
Determiners: articles, demonstratives, indefinites, numbers, quantifiers
Auxiliaries: modals, have, be, do
Pronouns: Person, reflexive, reciprocal, indefinite

III. Diagramming: Be able to draw simple Reed-Kellogg diagrams and simple phase structure trees.

IV. Usage: Know how to recognize and correct these common errors:

Unclear pronoun reference (AKA no clear antecedent)
Pronoun agreement error
Using the wrong case of the pronoun
Run-on sentence (AKA comma splice)

Its/it’s confusion and other troubles with apostrophes

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  1. Hermetically sealed ultimately derives from Hermes. I could have kicked myself, when I had finished my test.