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Practice Test for the First Test

ENGL 3663: English Grammar / 2016                                   Name___________________
Test 1 Practice Test 2

Part I: Defining Terms
Define three of these five terms. Give an example if you can.

Prescriptive v. Descriptive grammar
Free Morpheme v. bound morpheme
Form v. Function
Zero allomorph

Part II: Identifying
Most children experience similar fears at nearly the same ages. For toddlers, the very worst fears are associated with change. Toddlers want to feed themselves the same porridge every day with the same spoon out of the same bowl. They want their own mommy or daddy reading the same story in the same words; they want the same clothing, the same bed, the same walk. Yet, children’s fears may indicate something about their development. A child who is afraid of cats but not of fluffy white bunnies can evidently differentiate one small animal from another. Fear of the mailman or a scary teacher implies recognition of that person.

1.      List a count noun _________________________________
2.      List a non-count noun ____________________________________
3.      List an adjective _____________________________________
4.      List an adverb ______________________________________
5.      List a qualifier ___________________________________________
6.      List two different determiners ___________________________________
7.      List a personal pronoun _________________________________
8.      List a reflexive pronoun ___________________________________
9.      Draw a Reed-Kellogg diagram for (a) fluffy white bunnies and (b) the very worst fears

Children's fears should never be ridiculed or dismissed as silly or babyish. Everyone is afraid of something, after all, and often these fears are well-grounded. If we are living in an area with many rattlesnakes and copperheads, a fear of snakes makes sense. But occasionally fear of something becomes a phobia. A child may be afraid of the dark and hesitate to go up the stairs alone at night. But when that same child refuses to remain in a place where there is little light, such as the movies or their very own bedroom, the child has developed a phobia.

Choosing from among the bolded words, give examples of the following:
A main verb _______________________________
A modal auxiliary ________________________________
A be auxiliary ___________________________________
A have auxiliary ____________________________
An indefinite pronoun ________________________
Another indefinite pronoun _________________________
A determiner ___________________________
A qualifier _________________________________

In the sentence below, identify the form and function of the bolded words.

In an area with many copperheads, a fear of snakes makes sense, especially in the dark.
                        Many   ____________           _________________
                        Fear      ____________           _________________
                        Dark     ____________           _________________

Draw a Reed-Kellogg diagram for these phrases: (1) their very own bedroom (2) that same child

Part III: Usage: Find and fix any usage problems in the sentences below. If there are no usage problems, mark the sentences NO ERROR.

1.  I happen to find dancing bears very offensive.

2. Leo’s big dogs Tucker and Pete chased deer through the woods behind the farm until they were exhausted.

3. The car needed the oil changed, Evan dropped Mick and I at school on his way to Wal-Mart.

4. My physics’ book was in my backpack but someone took it.

5. Its six oclock that means its time for the cat to have its antibiotics.

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